Oral Cancer San Tan Valley AZ



Oral Cancer San Tan Valley AZ  During your dental exam, your dentist will want a medical history from you.  They will ask if any changes have occurred or if you have been experiencing any new or unusual symptoms. 


After speaking to you, your dentist will then want to check your oral cavity.  Your oral cavity includes your lips, cheek lining, gums, front part of your tongue, floor of the mouth and also the roof of the mouth. #smilewithconfidence  Your throat will also be examined around the soft part at the roof of the mouth, including your tonsils.  Your tongue will also be examined, where it attaches to the bottom of your mouth.  The dentist will then feel your jaw and neck for any lumps or anything that feels abnormal. 


What to do if your Dentist finds something suspicious?  #martindental

First things first……stay calm.  Your dentist will not know right away if he or she is looking at cancer, you will be referred for testing.  Your dentist may want to reexamine you a week or two later to see if the questionable area or spot is healing on their own before recommending any follow-up.  Your dentist will help create the best strategy for diagnosis, treatment and prevention. 


What can be done to prevent oral cancer?  Oral Cancer San Tan Valley AZ

Always be aware of the risk factors.  Men are at greater risk to get oral cancer as they age.  If you smoke, drink excessively or have a poor diet, if you change these habits you will decrease the chance of developing oral cancer.

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