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Parents are always trying to do the right thing for their kids.  You take them to doctor appointments, pack them healthy lunches, make sure they get enough exercise….you want them to be your top priority to grow up happy and healthy!  You are trying to do the best you can.  Here’s the thing, you should also make sure your family’s daily habits are not taking a toll on your kid’s dental health.  Children + tooth decay do not need to go together!  So, on top of all the wonderful things you do every day for you kids, make sure their dental health is a top priority as well. Paradise Valley Dentist Near Me AZ

Most kids eat snacks…..all day long!  This is a part of almost any kid’s daily schedule.  But the wrong types of food and drink in between meals can lead to tooth decay.  If they eat candy, sweets, or sugary juices between meals, this can be super damaging.  Have them stick to healthier snacks that contain complex carbs: fruit instead of candy!  #martindental This doesn’t mean they can’t have a sugary treat on occasion but offer it with their meal!  The saliva that is produced to help digest larger quantities of food can help keep the teeth bacteria free. 

If a sippy-cup or bottle is a part of your night time routine, it’s time to rethink your strategy!  When kids drink chocolate milk, milk, or even juice right before bed and do not brush their teeth, the sugar in those drinks will just linger on the teeth.  This leads to tooth decay and cavities.  If they need a drink before bed, make sure it’s ONLY water.  If they happen to have a sugary drink before bed, make sure they brush their teeth.  If they don’t want to, maybe it’s time to try to make brushing fun again!  Find a fun song to brush to, a yummy flavored toothpaste, or maybe even a cool toothbrush! Paradise Valley Dentist Near Me AZ

Kids and adults should see a dentist for a regular check up every six months. #sweetwaterdentist If these appointments are skipped because their teeth “seem fine” can lead to dire consequences.  Your dentist will not only help you with your children and tooth decay, but they also will do preventive cleanings and even discuss good oral health with your kids! 

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