Pull or Save Teeth with Chandler Dentist, Which is Best



When you have an infected or diseased tooth, it may seem that extracting it is the obvious choice, mainly when you are in pain. Removing a tooth may seem like an easy choice, but it’s not always the best choice.

However, most folks are not conscious of the benefits of saving natural teeth. It is your choice to have your teeth extracted, but here are some reasons why you should not have your teeth extracted by your dentist Chandler, AZ.


Benefits of Saving Your Teeth with Chandler Dentist

Here are examples of why saving natural teeth is preferable:

  • Your natural teeth will be healthier, will function better than your artificial teeth, and will be easier to care for. While the technology and materials are more advanced than ever, synthetic teeth are still not as durable as real teeth.
  • When you pull a tooth, it leaves a gap, resulting in the teeth at the sides to shift inward as they try to fill the void. Over time, this movement can cause problems when chewing and possibly speaking.
  • A full set of teeth help maintain youthful appearances. Once your Chandler dentist pulls your teeth, the bone can slowly disintegrate and make people looking older than they are.
  • Maintain confidence because you won’t wish to smile with gaps in your teeth. If you can’t smile with confidence, you can have a severe knock to your spirit.
  • Fewer visits to the dentist may be required if you save a tooth. Your dentist may consider crowns, bridges or all manner of other techniques, yet these can cause more pain and more costs. You can also find that saving your tooth is cheaper in the end, even if it only puts off the further treatment by a couple of years.


Ask Your Chandler, AZ Dentist His Opinion

Any dentist will tell you it is always preferable to save teeth. Although on some occasions, there are times extractions are a better option. When teeth are cracked below the gum line, an extraction may be required.  Besides, if a tooth is too weak, then it can’t be restored, and it may be best to have it pulled.

A professional dentist will deliver the best advice, so if you are in this situation, contact the Martin Dental Clinic today and save your tooth, or fill in the quick form for a fast response from one of the team.

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