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The ADA recommends cleaning between your teeth every day with floss.  Cleaning between the teeth can help to prevent cavities and gum disease.  When you clean between the teeth, you remove a sticky film called plaque.  The plaque contains bacteria and this feeds on leftover food in the mouth.  When this occurs, it releases acid that eats away at the outer shell of the teeth can causes cavities. #martindental

When the plaque is not removed from brushing and cleanings between the teeth, it will eventually harden into a rough substance called tartar.  The tartar collects along the gum line and this is what leads to gum disease.  Once it forms, only your dentist can remove it.  Queen Creek AZ Best Affordable Dentist Near Me

There are always some that question what the benefit is to cleanings between the teeth, but using an interdental cleaner (like floss) is such a critical part of taking care of your teeth and gums.   When there is something stuck between your teeth you want it to be removed immediately.  Because it bothers you, you may be tempted to use whatever is handy to clean it out.  Some people choose fingernails, folded paper or cards, cutlery, safety pins, and even strands of hair! Queen Creek AZ Best Affordable Dentist Near Me Of course, these items are way less effective than traditional flossing, but they also can be quite harmful!  Roughly 42% of people who have used these items have said they felt pain when using an unconventional item to clean between the teeth. 

#smilewithconfidence Stick to items that are designed for cleaning between the teeth: dental picks, string floss, tiny brushes, and water flossers. 

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