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Using toothpaste is a key part of your daily oral hygiene routine.  Brushing and flossing will remove food debris and plaque from your teeth, but using toothpaste is a must. #smilewithconfidence

Toothpaste can be bought in the form of gel, paste or powder form.  Ingredients will be a little different, but all toothpastes contain the same general components:  Queen Creek AZ Best Dentist Around Me

  • Mild abrasive:  helps to remove debris and surface stains
  • Humectants:  helps to prevent water loss and keeps the toothpaste from drying out or getting gummy.
  • Flavoring Agent:  gives the toothpaste some sweetness and flavor.  Toothpaste doesn’t contain sugar, therefor it also doesn’t not promote tooth decay.
  • Thickening Agent:  helps to stabilize the toothpaste formula, binding it together  Queen Creek AZ Best Dentist Around Me
  • Detergent:  The foaming action we all love!  It helps to spread the toothpaste and keep it clean.

While all toothpastes have the same basic ingredients, they are not all the same.  Some have other added benefits.  So keep this in mind when choosing a toothpaste:

  • Decay Prevention:  Not all toothpastes contain fluoride.  Fluoride is a natural cavity fighter and helps to strengthen the teeth’s enamel while fighting decay.  Any toothpaste you choose, make sure it ALWAYS has fluoride in it. #martindental
  • Plaque/Gingivitis:  There are several toothpastes that contain active ingredients that can help to fight plaque and gingivitis.
  • Whitening:  Wanting an extra sparkle?  This type of toothpaste has a special chemical/polishing agent that will help to remove more surface stains and brighten your teeth.
  • Desensitizing:  If you struggle with sensitive teeth, consider a desensitizing toothpaste.  It contains compounds that help to reduce tooth sensitivity. 
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