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Here are some great toothbrush tips! 

Manual or Powered…..Which is Best?  Queen Creek AZ Dentist Near Me

There is always he debate about a manual or powered toothbrush.  The debate is not needed.  All you need to do is brush twice a day for 2 minutes with fluoride toothpaste!  Both types of toothbrush’s can clean your teeth effectively.  Choosing is simply a preference.  Some find it more difficult to use a manual toothbrush and find using a powered one more comfortable.  Ask your dentist which they would recommend or give them both a try! #martindental

Leave it Out in the Open

Your toothbrush, that is!  Rinse it with water so you can remove any remaining toothpaste and food debris.  Store it upright and allow it to air dry.  If you store it with other toothbrushes, make sure they are separated so cross contamination does not occur.  Do not routinely cover them in containers.  When there is a moist environment, it becomes a more conducive place for growth of unwanted bacteria than simply storing a toothbrush in the open air. Queen Creek AZ Dentist Near Me

Lifespan – 3 to 4 Months

Your toothbrush needs to be replaced every three to four months.  If the bristles are fraying it may need to be sooner.  A worn toothbrush just doesn’t do as good as job at cleaning your teeth.

Choose a Soft One

It doesn’t matter if the toothbrush is manual or power, but what type of bristle you use does!  Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush.  Using a firm or medium bristle can cause damage to your gums and tooth enamel.  When you brush your teeth, do not scrub vigorously.  Just brush them hard enough to clean the film off your teeth. #smilewithconfidence  When you use your fluoride toothpaste, it can do the rest of the work! 

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