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Your body is an amazing complex machine.  What you choose to eat and how often you eat it can affect your general health and also the health of your teeth and gums, too.  If you  always choose sugar-filled soda, sweetened fruit drinks and snacks that are not nutritious, you are putting yourself at risk for tooth decay.  Decay is the single most chronic childhood disease.  The good news, it’s entirely preventable!! Queen Creek Affordable Dental Care Near Me AZ

Tooth decay occurs when plaque comes into contact with the sugars in the mouth, making the acid to attack the teeth.  Any type of food that contains sugar can contribute to tooth decay.  If you eat too many sugary drinks or food you are putting yourself at risk for constant tooth decay. #smilewithconfidence

To help control the amount of sugar you eat, make sure you are reading the nutrition facts and ingredient labels that are on foods and drinks.  Choose options that are low in sugar.  The most common sources of sugar in a human diet include soda, candy, cookies and pastries.  Seeking the advice of a physician or dietician can also help to provide you suggestions for eating a nutritious diet.  If you are lacking certain nutrients, it can make the tissues in your mouth more prone to infection.  This contributes to gum disease and severe gum disease is one of the major causes of tooth loss in adults.  There is research that states this disease progresses faster and is more severe in people who have poor nutrition. Queen Creek Affordable Dental Care Near Me AZ

To learn what foods are best for you and what foods can keep your teeth healthy, give us a call at #martindental for an evaluation.

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