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Our teeth should be top priority!  If you are a woman, even more so during pregnancy.  If you think you may be pregnant or you are pregnant, make sure to tell your dentist during your visit!  During the first three months of pregnancy, the 1st trimester, avoid any major non-emergency dental treatment.  However, treatment that removes infections of the teeth or gums is necessary and should be performed at any time during your pregnancy.

Some patients worry about Anesthesia during pregnancy.  Let’s look at the different times and how to handle them if pregnancy is a concern.  Queen Creek Affordable Dentist Near Me AZ

Local Anesthetics

If a shot is received to numb a part of the mouth, this is called local anesthetic.  You can receive some local anesthetics for necessary treatment during pregnancy.  Of course, it is best to have any dental treatment done before pregnancy and try to postpone treatment that isn’t needed right away.  During pregnancy you need to have preventive treatment done like tooth cleanings, and any periodontal treatment. #martindental

If you have already had the baby and are nursing, you can receive any normal doses of local anesthetics.  This will not affect the baby. 


Any sedation makes you drowsy and less anxious.  If pregnant, avoid nitrous oxide.  This is not the only option to reduce dental anxiety.  Some examples to try are music or acupuncture.  Diazepam or any similar drug should not be used if you are pregnant or expect that you are pregnant.  Queen Creek Affordable Dentist Near Me AZ

General Anesthesia

With general anesthesia, you become unconscious. #smilewithconfidence  Effects of general anesthesia on you or your baby will vary.  In almost all cases, avoid general anesthesia while pregnant.  Always make sure to tell your dentist or oral surgeon if you know you are pregnant or think you may be. 

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