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Having good oral hygiene will require a cultivation of several oral care habits.  One of the most important habit is the use of floss.  Floss is used to clean in between the teeth and under the gum line. 

It has been proven to effectively remove plaque, but far fewer people use floss every day than brush every day!  Why is this?  Maybe because of the time it takes?  But if you do it correctly, and consistently, it’s easy breezy!  Flossing is designed to remove food from between the teeth.  The American Dental Association has stated that flossing removes the film of bacteria that can form plaque.  When left untreated, it turns into tartar.  Tartar is a hard mineral that is responsible for gum disease. Queen Creek Best Family Dentist AZ

Cleaning between the teeth is an extremely important part of dental hygiene.  Most toothbrushes simply can not reach every space, especially the between spaces. #martindental When you use dental floss correctly, it can remove a large amount of plaque.  Removing this plaque reduces the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. 

To have great oral hygiene, you must know how to use dental floss correctly!  Here’s a step by step guide:  Queen Creek Best Family Dentist AZ

  1.  Open the dental floss container, cut the dental floss about 18 inches or so.  Hold it between your thumb and fingers on each hand.  You can even wrap each end around your index fingers to prevent slipping. 
  2.  Insert the floss between the teeth, try not to use too much force.  #smilewithconfidence
  3.  Form the floss into a C shape.  It should curve around the surface of each tooth.  Move the floss gently in an up and down motion.  Repeat, making sure to do both sides of each tooth.  Reach under the gumline.  A new section of floss should be used for each tooth.
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