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Root Canals are done everyday in the dental world.  Even still, you may have some questions.  Ask away!  Here are some common questions we get:


Can I Get a Root Canal Done During My Regular Check-Up Visit?

No.  Your dentist will want to schedule a follow up appointment or you could possible be referred to a dentist who specializes in the pulp and tissue that surrounds the teeth.  Not all dentists do root canals.  The type of dentist that does is called an endodontist. San Tan Valley AZ Best Dental Care Near Me


What Should I Expect?

Root Canals usually take 1 or 2 office visits to be completed.  You should not experience much pain because your dentist will use a local anesthetic before the procedure is started.  Once complete, you should not feel any pain.



Before treatment you can expect your dentist to:

  • Take x-rays to get a good view of your tooth and the surrounding bone  San Tan Valley AZ Best Dental Care Near Me
  • Numb the area that is around the tooth that needs a root canal.  This will keep you comfortable during the treatment.
  • A thin sheet of latex rubber will be placed over your tooth to keep it dry, clean and also to protect it from any virus or bacteria that is normally in the mouth.  #smilewithconfidence


During Treatment:

  • Your dentist will create an opening in the top of your tooth
  • The nerve will be removed from the inside of the tooth and in the areas in the root, the root canal.
  • Each area will be cleaned, and then your dentist may choose to treat the tooth with germ-killing medicine.  #martindental
  • The root canals are then filled with a rubber-like material so help seal them against any future infections.
  • A temporary filling on the tooth will be placed until a restoration that is permanent can be placed. 
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