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If you want to prevent cavities, the best way is with brushing and flossing.  It’s not always easy to get every single nook and cranny in the mouth, especially with the back teeth that are used to chew.  The chewing teeth, called the molars, are rough.  The uneven spaces are the favorite for leftover food and bacteria to hide. San Tan Valley AZ Best Dentist Near Me


There is one more safety net that can help keep the teeth clean, and this is called a sealant.  It is a thin protective coating that will adhere to the chewing surface of the back teeth.  While there is nothing that can substitute brushing and flossing, dental sealants can keep cavities from forming and can even stop early stages of decay from becoming a cavity. #smilewithconfidence


Sealants have been shown to reduce the risk of decay by almost 80% in the molars.  This is one of the most important things when considering your child’s dental health.  The CDC released a report in 2016  that detailed how important sealants were for school-aged children.  At this time, only 43% of children ages 6-11, have.  A school-aged child without sealants is three times more likely to have cavities than children with dental sealants. 


If you have questions about sealants, #martindental can answer them for you!  San Tan Valley AZ Best Dentist Near Me


So how do they work?  Well, think of a raincoat for your teeth.  When the bacteria in your mouth meets leftover food particles, acids are produced and can create holes in the teeth.  These holes are cavities.  After a sealant is applied, it will keep the food particles out and also stop bacteria and acid from settling on the teeth.  It acts just like a raincoat, keeps your teeth clean and dry!  

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