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Oh no!  You’ve chipped a tooth!  Not only does this cramp your style, but leaving it unchecked can cause pain.  Good new is, tooth bonding is simple and a relatively comfortable procedure for anyone needing to restore a broken or weakened tooth. 

When you compare dental bonding to other cosmetic procedures, it is quicker and offers long-lasting results.  If you think bonding may be the answer to a better smile, here are somethings you can expect. San Tan Valley AZ Dental Care


Bonding works best on areas of the mouth with low bite pressure, like the front teeth.  When the damage is more severe in a high bite pressure area, your dentist may suggest a veneer or crown instead. #smilewithconfidence Your dentist will be able to help you choose the right option.


Bonding requires applying a resin that is molded and hardened to fill in cracks or chips that are present in the tooth.  It is virtually indistinguishable from your natural enamel.  Before this can begin, your dentist will need to roughen up the tooth so the resin will properly adhere.  Depending on how severe the damage, your dentist may want to numb the area that he is working to ensure you are comfortable. San Tan Valley AZ Dental Care

The resin will be matched to your natural teeth color, then the resin will be applied and carefully shaped onto the tooth.  A light is then used to harden the resin.  You will be asked to bite down several times to see if you feel any excess resin that still needs smoothing away.  This whole process will be repeated until your bonding is perfect. #martindental


Your teeth will feel strange after bonding.  Over time, it will bother you less.  Bonding doesn’t last as long as veneers but you will be able to enjoy at least a decade of wear depending on the area and how you treat the restored tooth. 

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