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Taking care of your mouth should always be a top priority.  Brushing, flossing, using mouthwashes……all of these will help to make your mouth not only feel amazing, but keep it in tip top shape!  One thing you may not have laying around your house, but might should think about getting, is a tongue scraper! #smilewithconfidence

A tongue scraper is used to help clean your tongue.  It will come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Starting at the back of the tongue, you pull the scraper forward.  Often people choose to clean their tongue by using their toothbrush. San Tan Valley AZ Family Dentist Near Me

While cleaning your tongue may make you feel like it keeps your breath fresh, there is no evidence that brushing or scraping your tongue will prevent bad breath or improve halitosis (chronic bad breath).  Here is an interesting fact: bad breath bacteria can grow back just as fast as you remove it. 

If you like the feeling of the way your mouth feels after you have cleaned it, keep it up!  It can be a great way to go the extra mile!  But it is purely a personal preference and not a necessary step.  However, there are a few necessary steps you should be taking to make sure your mouth is healthy!  San Tan Valley AZ Family Dentist Near Me

  1. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and use a fluoride toothpaste.
  2. Floss every day between your teeth #martindental
  3. Eat a healthy diet, limiting sugary beverages and snacks
  4. Visit your dentist regularly
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