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Not everyone is born with a perfect and straight smile.  There are a lot of reasons why….maybe your teeth came in damaged, you had an accident, or have had poor oral health.  #martindental  Whatever the reason, your dentist will have multiple tools to help you obtain the smile you have always dreamed about.  Veneers are one of the best options that can correct tooth deficiencies.  So how do they work?

Veneers are custom-designed shells that cover the front of your teeth.  They are thin and are colored to blend in.  Veneers can cover up many imperfections like chips, tooth decay, stains or crooked teeth.  Veneers are usually irreversible.  This is because a small portion of existing tooth enamel is removed before the veneer can be placed. San Tan Valley AZ Veneers

Typically veneers are made from composite resin or porcelain.  Porcelain take a while longer to place compared to composite resin.  Once a portion of enamel is removed, the dentist will take a mold/impression of the tooth.  That impression is then sent to a lab that designs dental veneers. #smilewithconfidence  This takes a couple of days and then you would return to the dentist for another visit.  Composite Resin veneers can be sculpted in the office by your dentist once the teeth are reshaped and prepared.  All veneers are bonded to the teeth with resin cement. 

San Tan Valley AZ Veneers  There are benefits to both.  Composite Resin Veneers require less tooth enamel to be removed, they cost less and can be applied in once office visit.  Porcelain veneers are strong and resilient once they are placed.  They do not easily stain, look very natural and will require less enamel removal than a crown or cap. 

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