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Veneers are a great way to change the look of your smile.  It is a wafer-thin layer of material that is #smilewithconfidence can be made of either porcelain or composite synthetic resin.  The synthetic resins are liquid material that is converted into a permanent hardened material.  It’s a great option in dentistry because it has the ability to create a strong bond with the tooth.  It also looks just like the natural color of the adjacent teeth.  It can either be layered directly onto a tooth at the dentist or fabricated in a dental laboratory. San Tan Valley Affordable Dentist Near Me AZ


Veneers can be prepared chair-side with resin and performed on the labial surface of one of the front six teeth.  The “labial” surface is named this because it comes in direct contact with the lips.  This word means “pertaining to the lips”.  Because of the front-facing nature of the teeth in this part of the mouth, this procedure is usually used to correct a gap, or “diastema” between the front teeth. San Tan Valley Affordable Dentist Near Me AZ


This type of process is fairly simple.  First, any decayed or week area of the tooth will have to be removed.  When composite resin is used, and the decayed part is removed, your tooth is then prepared for bonding.  Etching is done with a mild acid solution.  #martindental  After this is completed, the composite is layered into the areas of the tooth that need to be sealed.  A special light is used to harden the layers and the tooth is shaped and polished to prevent staining and wearing. 

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