Signs Chandler, AZ Dental Bonding Will Benefit You

Dental bonding is conventional for repairing teeth in cosmetic dentistry. It both repairs and restores your appearance, so now you have the chance to smile with confidence.

The process involves the use of composite resin to repair or reshape the tooth. Martin Dental uses composite resins because they bond quickly to the tooth enamel.

It is malleable and allows Dr. Brett Martin to sculpt as is required before exposure to the curing light. To learn more about this dental bonding with the best dentist in Chandler, AZ, carry on reading.


When Should I Have Dental Bonding in Chandler, AZ?

Here are a couple of areas if you are unsure of how you can benefit from dental bonding.

Physical damages to the teeth

Damage like chips or fractures may happen because of a fall, cycling accident, auto crash, or sporting event. Fractures can occur through biting on hard objects, grinding your teeth, or, again, injuries from sports.

Chipped or cracked teeth impair the appearance and affect your best dental care. A broken tooth can't function and is at risk of further damages. Fortunately, Chandler, AZ dental bonding helps mask cracks, build up the tooth, and improve your smile with confidence.


Tooth discoloration

In some cases, professional tooth whitening is not necessarily effective for certain types of stains or discolorations of the teeth. It can also be unsuitable for people managing tooth sensitivity. In this particular case, tooth bonding can be used to alter the color of your teeth.

Uneven spaces between teeth

Openings between teeth can make teeth seem misaligned, skewed, or distorted. The family dentist Chandler, AZ, will use adhesive materials to close the gaps between teeth or narrow the spaces.

They will use this to correct a misaligned or imbalanced tooth. A composite material is applied to the affected tooth after shaping it to line up with the remaining teeth.


What Happens in Chandler, AZ Dental Bonding Treatments

The procedures involved in dental bonding include:

Preparing teeth: Some minor preparation is necessary for bonding. The dentist might not need to use anesthesia unless your tooth has a hole in it. Using a shade guide, the dental expert Chandler, AZ, will decide the color of composite resin he requires to match your tooth color.

Bonding process: Your dentist may scratch the tooth surface and then apply a treatment fluid. It will cause the bonding material to adhere to the tooth. The tooth-colored material will then be used, shaped, and given the ultraviolet light or laser to harden the compound. After the dentist cuts, shapes, and polishes the material, so it matches the remaining teeth. The entire process takes around one hour for each tooth.


Finding Dental Bonding Expertise in Chandler, AZ

Dental bonding is practical and affordable, considering it is a cosmetic dental procedure. If you want to learn more about why dental bonding is an excellent dental care treatment, it is time to speak a local dental care specialist.  

Contact Martin Dental here, to request a dental appointment, or fill in the form below, and one of the skilled dental care team will be back in touch at the soonest possible time.


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