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Have you always wanted a beautiful smile?  Have your teeth yellowed over time? #smilewithconfidence Maybe you just aren’t happy with the staining results from drinking coffee, tea or cola.  Whatever your reason is for wanting a whiter smile, you are not alone! 

We all have different hair and skin color, and people also have different tooth color. Teeth Whitening Queen Creek AZ Some people have more yellow teeth than others, while other people may not have yellow teeth until they age.  The natural tooth color can be affected by many factors.  Surface stains and internal discoloration can be caused by: 

  1.  Process of natural aging
  2.  Tobacco use, drinking coffee, tea, red wine, soda or eating foods like cherries and blueberries.
  3.  Plaque and tartar deposits that have accumulated
  4.  Ingesting too much fluoride while the teeth are forming.  This will give the teeth a mottled look.
  5.  During childhood, treatments with antibiotic tetracycline
  6.  Trauma can cause the teeth to turn brown, gray or black in color #martindental

Here are some great reasons to have your teeth whitened!

  • Boosts your confidence and helps your self-esteem—both come from having a great smile.
  • Younger appearance
  • Events like weddings, job interviews and class reunions
  • Leaving a positive first impression on others
  • Reversing years of everyday staining and yellowing

Before you start any whitening procedures speak with your dentist. Teeth Whitening Queen Creek AZ He or she can evaluate if you are a good candidate for a specific whitening treatment.  There are several options to choose from, and your dentist can help navigate you through the options. 

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