Tooth Abscess and Queen Creek AZ Dentist Near Me


A tooth abscess can be extremely painful. This is due to bacterial infection that creates a pocket of pus at the end of the tooth root. A tooth abscess can affect anyone, no matter what his or her age. Such is the pain; it prompts many individuals to search for a Queen Creek AZ dentist near me.

These infections can spread around the body, and lead more serious conditions, such as artery inflammation, this in itself can lead to cardiovascular disease.

Here are some things you should know about tooth abscess and how you can get back your #smilewithconfidence.


Dental abscess


Why Do I Have a Tooth Abscess?

There are various reasons you can get a dental abscess. Teeth are and inside there is the pulp which comprises tissue, nerves and blood vessels. Many mouth infections stem from gum disease, tooth cavities or a dental injury.

Abscesses in one tooth can spread to other teeth. This means the trip to the Queen Creek AZ dentist near me is all the more important.


How Can I Tell if I Have a Tooth Abscess?

Pain and swelling are the first signs of tooth abscesses; you can also have swollen lymph nodes, pain in the jaw when chewing, and a funny taste in your mouth. Abscesses on the gum may look like a small pimple. If you apply pressure, this forces out the pus.

You can have a tooth abscess with hardly any visible symptoms, and it is only when you visit the dentist near me and you have an x-ray. If you don't feel pain, this means the abscess has been draining puss and there is no pressure. This can cause a problem because this will be draining into your bloodstream.


What can a Queen Creek AZ Dentist Near Me Do?

Your local dentist will want to identify and eliminate any infection as his priority. You may have had your local family dentist tap your teeth during an examination. This is a quick way for him to determine if you have an abscess that can't be seen, some dentists will refer you to an endodontist for more treatment, yet the best Queen Creek dentist near me can specialize in this. #meetthedoctor

They can prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection, but these don't stop the problem. The most likely result will be a tooth extraction by your family dentist.

Finding the Right Dentist Near Me Queen Creek AZ

Depending on the degree of the abscess, it may take dental surgery to drain it before they take any other action. A root canal can be the next step where the inner of the tooth is cleaned of infection, and they remove the root of the tooth. At this point, the tooth is in effect dead and over an extended period, it may require extended work, especially if you have lost many teeth, or you have several where you had root canals.

To find out your options, it is wise to contact your local Queen Creek AZ dentist near me by contacting #martindental directly, or filling in the form below so the staff can get back to you as a matter of urgency.



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