Tooth Correction with Chandler, AZ Invisalign Dentist

Invisalign may still be in its early years, but it is becoming the most advanced dental aligners in the world.

Many individuals find it disturbing that they have teeth that are not perfect. It’s nice to smile with confidence, yet this avoids them. Moreover, they don’t like braces.

Today, patients have this option when they visit their local dental expert who offers many services.

Here are some helpful facts to help you before you visit your Invisalign dentist in Chandler, AZ. 


Will, it Hurt Wearing an Invisalign Aligner?

Wearing Invisalign will never hurt! You Invisalign dentist Chandler, AZ ensures the aligners fit and function, as they should, to get the results you desire.  

Although some patients describe feeling uneasy while getting used to the aligners during the first few days, many experience pressure on their teeth as the aligners are working.  

However, it is perfectly normal, and this will accompany any orthodontic treatment used to reposition their teeth. 


How Will an Invisalign Brace Work? 

The clear braces sit on the teeth, and because they are transparent to most people, they appear invisible at first glance.

They use innovative technology, including 3-D printing, to make the custom-made aligners.  

These Invisalign aligners allow users to correct their teeth and restore a natural look and beautiful smile. 

They will adjust throughout the treatment, and each set will drag the teeth into their new position.  

The next set of aligners replaces each set to align the teeth in the least intrusive way possible.


Benefits of Visiting an Invisalign Dentist, Chandler, AZ

Another feature as well is they are removable for proper cleaning as you maintain your healthy oral hygiene program in the home.

Other than being almost invisible, thus the name Invisalign, they are painless to use. Besides, they are tailor-made by your Invisalign dentist Chandler, AZ, and manufactured from soft, body-friendly plastic.  

Therefore, they are much more comfortable than braces and wires.  


Finding My Best Invisalign Dentist, Chandler, AZ

If this solution is right for you, you need to consult your local dentist in Chandler, AZ, to ensure that you have the right specialist involved.

Your dentist will need to examine your teeth to determine if they are adequate, or if it requires other corrective dental work. 

You can contact your local Invisalign specialist directly at Martin Dental, or you can fill out the form so that one of the dental team can contact you as soon as possible. You will find you have the best dental expert caring for your tooth correction.

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