Tooth Loss Dental Implants with Chandler, AZ Family Dentist


For continual dedication to the very best Chandler, AZ dental care for our patients, family dentist Dr. Brett Martin treats a broad range of dental care issues. For patients, there is nothing or as sudden as losing a tooth suddenly. If it is visible, there is no way you can hide this from view.


Besides your tooth gap and the dent in your smile with confidence, there are more severe consequences to tooth loss than you may comprehend. One being, over time, tooth loss is going to destroy your smile.

To stop this slow slip of deterioration after suffering tooth loss, Chandler, AZ family dentist, Dr. Brett Martin, offers innovative dentist solutions, including implants to deliver the optimum results.


Checking Tooth Loss with Family Dentist, Chandler, AZ

Your local Chandler, AZ dental expert, needs to replace your lost teeth for more than you looking your best are.

Your remaining teeth start to creep toward space and fill in the hole. While it sounds a good solution, they become vulnerable to tooth decay and excessive wear. If this weren’t bad enough, your perfect bite would now be out of line.


All this may make you think it is no big deal, yet negatives impacts on your jawbone are a significant deal. This is the core foundation of healthy teeth.  As your jawbone deteriorates from your tooth loss, it loses the ability to support the remainder of your teeth, and from there, you are on the slippery slope of further tooth loss.


What Will a Dental Implant Do?

Before your family dentist begins considering your crown, he first has to insert a steel implant where your too once was surgically.

Once he does this, the jaw fuses to the titanium. He is thus leading the way for reliable fixing of your prosthetic tooth. Once healed, Dr. Brett Martin attaches your dental prosthetic to the implant, which finishes your tooth replacement.

After that, you become used to the feeling, biting, and it restores chewing actions to move with a natural feel.


Finding the Right Dental Implants and Best Family Dentist in Chandler, AZ

If you’re missing one or more teeth, and want to learn more about replacing them with dental implants, it is the right time to speak to your local dental implant specialist.  

Contact Martin Dental here, to request a dental appointment, or fill in the form below, and one of the skilled dental care team will be back in touch at the soonest possible time.


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