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There isn’t much you can do about the natural lifespan of veneers.  They were not created to be permanent, maintenance-free.  However, you can get the most out of your veneers by making sure you treat them well.  Veneers can be a significant investment in your dental health, but because of the cost, you need to make sure they last and you get your money’s worth!  Here is a couple ways to help you properly care for your veneers.  Veneers Queen Creek AZ

1.Good Oral Hygiene Practices:  Cleaning your mouth is necessary if you want to avoid stains and keep your natural teeth healthy, too!  Brush twice a day and use a toothpaste that has an ADA seal.  A great suggestion is Colgate Total Advanced Deep Clean.  It has properties similar to what dentists use in their office.  And don’t forget to floss!  And the dental checkups and cleanings are important, so don’t skip them! #martindental

2.Wear Oral Protection:  If you are playing a contact sport, make sure you wear a mouthguard.  Any impact to the face can easily result in a cracked or chipped veneer.  Protect them before a big game.  Veneers Queen Creek AZ

3.Your Teeth Are Not Tools:  Everyone has at one time or another used their teeth in lieu of scissors or to loosen a knot.  This is a dangerous habit when it comes to the integrity of your teeth.  It invites germs and can easily chip a veneer, ending its lifespan way to early. #smilewithconfidence

4.Teeth Grinding:  If you grind or clench your teeth when you sleep, it’s time to address the issue.  This is called bruxism. If you are getting veneers, speak to your dentist about it.  When it goes unchecked, the result may not be a cracked veneer, but they just typically don’t last as long as they should.  This can be fixed with a simple mouth guard. 

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