What Can Chandler Family Dentist Do With a Broken Bridge?

A broken or chipped tooth can be a painless solution, but until they do this, it can be a very difficult and self-conscious time.

Matters are worse once you have a bridge in its place, and you break it, or there are concerns about the teeth surrounding the bridge.

In this situation, you will need a reputable dentist in Chandler, AZ, to give you the right advice.

It is essential to find out all your options because you may not have any other teeth suitable for use as anchors. Martin Dental is a specialist in this matter and can offer the best advice.


How Does a Bridge Break?

Bridges can be durable, however, if they are loose or unstable because of poor dental hygiene and side teeth become affected, they can still chip or crack as would a regular tooth under such conditions.

A bridge is a metal framework which is covered with porcelain or ceramic. At other times, it may tempt you to bite down on something hard or use your teeth to open a bottle cap without realizing it. This can break a bridge in many places.


What to do if I break My Bridge?

A broken bridge will require a visit to your Chandler, the AZ restorative dental specialist. There may be no pain; however, a postponement will not make the problem any less severe, and bacteria will slip in.

If there is no way to brush correctly, this can build up and cause more problems that are substantial. Once you visit your dental Chandler, AZ family dentist specialist, he will give you the best way forward.

If they can repair the bridge, he will offer this advice, but if there is a problem around the other teeth, he may recommend going all the way and opting for these dental implants.


Finding My Chandler, AZ Restorative Dental Specialist

To save hours of research and inconvenience, it is easier to contact Martin Dental your family dentist for a quick response.

While you can find regular dentists everywhere, it can take some detective work to find one who has the skill and certifications necessary to perform such extensive work.

At Martin Dental, the helpful staff will guide you through everything you need to do about scheduling a doctor's appointment so you can get the right advice and attention.

The dentist may present news they can fix your bridge, or they may say that to avoid the same thing happening again, you'll be better prepared with Chandler, AZ dental implants.

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