What Can a Chandler, AZ Dentist Do For Tooth Whitening?

Have you always desired a lovely smile, or have you found your teeth have changed color as you have become older?

Perhaps you are not delighted with the coloring results since drinking coffee, tea, or cola.  No matter what your reason is for wanting a whiter smile, you are not alone!

Read on to find out more about teeth whitening Chandler, AZ dental specialist.


What's the Reason for Tooth Discoloration

We all have different hair and skin color, and people can have different color teeth. The need for teeth whitening Chandler, AZ, can fall on some people more than others.

Some people have yellower teeth than others, while others may not have yellow teeth until they get older.  The natural color of teeth can be affected by many factors.  Surface stains and internal discoloration can be caused by:

  • Food and Drink:  Coffee, tea, and red wine are the greatest staining offenders. What's the common component? Intense color pigments named chromogens, which bond to the white enamel of the teeth.
  • Tobacco Products: Tobacco products contain tar and nicotine, which cause stains. The tar is inherently dark.  The nicotine doesn't contain dye until oxygen mixes with it.  Once mixed, it changes into a yellowish substance and can stain surfaces.  
  • Aging: The first layer of our teeth is known as enamel.  Beneath this hard and white shell exists a softer area called Dentin.  With time, the outer layer gets thinner while brushing, making your Dentin start breaking through.
  • Medications:  Certain medications can darken teeth. Besides, younger children have darker teeth as they are exposed to drugs while in the womb or as a toddler. Some of these will need to deal with discoloration as they age.


Reasons for Teeth Whitening with Your Chandler, AZ Dentist

Nearly no one likes to have teeth that are not an ideal color. Here are a few reasons why seeking the help of your local Chandler, AZ dentist, can help.

  • It strengthens your confidence and increases your self-esteem - both of which come from a big smile.
  • A younger look
  • You can enjoy events such as weddings, interviews, and class reunions.
  • Making a positive first impression on other people
  • The reversal of years of daily staining and yellowing


Finding Teeth Whitening options in Chandler, AZ

While it can be easy to purchase teeth whitening kits in supermarkets, these are no way as useful as what your local dental professional can do.

All it takes is one or two visits to find out the best routine for obtaining the best smile possible. While not every person can get a perfect smile, your local dentist has many options to deliver an ideal smile.

To find out which way you need to go, contact Martin Dental direct, or you can leave your details in the form below, and the dental clinic staff will be in touch as quick as possible.

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