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Gum disease causes patients bleeding gums during brushing or flossing when they visit Martin Dental in Gilbert. If they've been using the cleaning approach at home, it's possible that it's just from that and nothing more serious.

Patients at Martin Dental may believe that brushing their teeth hard enough will make them cleaner.

It can, lead to damage of your enamel and cause gum pain for weeks or months afterwards. Brushing too hard might damage your teeth, and toothbrush bristles don't have to be super soft.

For this process, they should feel pretty hard so that you can swiftly remove any bacteria from between them with no pain or suffering for our Gilbert patients at Martin Dental.


Reasons For Bleeding Gums

If your gumlines are inflamed, red, and swollen, you might have gingivitis. It's a moderate form of periodontal disease that arises when plaque builds up along the chewing edge of teeth, around fillings, and healthy pockets within our mouths, leading to more serious health issues such as a heart attack.

At Martin Dental in Gilbert, we want all of our patients to be healthy, whether or not they have a dental health.


Health Issues and Bleeding Gums?

Your dental and gum health may be harmed if you have diabetes. If you have any type of infection, such as gingivitis, diabetes isn't strong enough to fight bacteria or recover properly.

Even though cancer and platelets appear to be unconnected, platelets help halt bleeding when blood supply is inadequate. This enables for more time to be spent recovering rather than dealing with difficulties later on.

Several medications could cause side effects for our patients at Martin Dental in Gilbert when taken with other prescription or over-the-counter drugs, so you should speak to your doctor about any potential interactions.

Some examples include blood thinners and hypertension treatments which can lead to bleeding gums because of their anti-platelet properties.


Dentures And Bleeding Gums?

You may not know it, but your dentures could cause more harm than you think if they don’t fit well and are too big for the spaces between teeth or press against them when eating certain foods like chewing on hard ice cubes causes abrasion damage to gums.

With our experienced team at Martin Dental in Gilbert, we want all patients to be comfortable when having dentures. So, if you are interested in getting dentures, call our office at Martin Dental in Gilbert today!


Get Help From Gilbert Family Dentist for Bleeding Gums

As a dentist at Martin Dental in Gilbert, Arizona, we see many people experiencing chronic gum bleeding. An injury can cause it to the mouth or even long-term neglect of your dental health!

If you notice gums bleeding and inflamed, then please, Contact Martin Dental for expert dental care. Alternatively, you can fill in the quick form for a fast response from the team.

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