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The loss of teeth is an inescapable part of life. Many people are susceptible to concerns like aging, trauma, injury, starvation, and infection, which are all reasons that can lead to tooth loss.

Yes, you could have taken the best possible care of them, but teeth can be lost in various ways. For example, as a child, you may have had milk teeth fall out and come free on their own.

A variety of factors can cause tooth loss, and you should consider them to improve your overall dental health. But, again, the best person to contact for assistance is your Apache Junction dentist.


Apache Junction Dentist Can Help Prevent Losing Teeth

Permanent teeth cannot be replaced. Trauma, cracking, and eating have all taken their toll on your teeth.

A variety of oral conditions can cause tooth loss, yet oral diseases, on the other hand, can be avoided.

When germs and acid build up on your teeth, it causes decay (from plaque build-up). This is because both the enamel (outer layer of teeth) and the dentin (inner layer of teeth) are affected (inner layer of your teeth).

Plaque deposition causes cavities, and microorganisms that feed on this sugary layer degrade enamel, causing cavities.

Bacterial acids cause holes in teeth, exposing dentin and perhaps causing root injury. Teeth that have been damaged may decay or necessitate extraction.

Gingivitis is a kind of periodontitis. Gums that are red, inflammatory, and bleeding are caused by plaque and bacteria build-up. Most gingivitis is found in humans.

The most common reason is poor dental hygiene. Gingivitis, on the other hand, can be easily avoided. In addition, with the help of a dentist and better dental home care suggestions, gingivitis can be reversed.


Alternative Reasons You Could Lose Your Teeth

Other factors, such as can cause gingivitis

  • Risks of having gingivitis increase with age.
  • Smokers are at a higher risk.
  • Malnutrition is a contributing factor.
  • Certain drugs affect gum tissues.
  • Chronic Diseases.


Periodontitis affects the gumline surfaces, where plaque accumulation hastens gum loss. Furthermore, gingival recession increases the risk of root infection.

Teeth become loose and fall out because of gingival recession. It's also capable of forming pockets. Bacteria, toxins, tartar, and plaque all have a role in gum and tooth decay.


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