What are the Benefits of Chandler, AZ Invisalign?

Invisalign has now become a popular treatment for adolescents as well as adults wishing for a more natural more beautiful smile. A pleasant smile is pleasant; however, there are medical benefits of using Invisalign; some of them can surprise you.  

Read on for more about this dental innovation, and the benefits an Invisalign specialist can deliver.


Improved Bite is the first Chandler, AZ Invisalign Benefit

While one of the purposes of obtaining Invisalign is the correction of crooked teeth, they are also used to correct poor bites.

If you have gaps in your bite from missing or misaligned teeth, it can affect your ability to chew food, which is essential for healthy digestion. A poor bite can affect how and what you can eat.

An untreated bite can become painful because the jaw has to work harder to chew, which can lead to jaw locking, TMJ disorders, and a headache linked to jaw pain. All this may require complex dental and medical treatment from your local family dentist and orthodontic specialist.


Jaw Alignment is Improved

Overcrowded teeth or misalignment of the jaws can create speech difficulties. However, the good news is an orthodontic specialist can deal with the position of the jaw and palate that causes problems in speaking.  

As part of your orthodontic treatment, you may have to use an expander to broaden the palate before applying the Invisalign. Although, in many cases, this isn't required.

Proper jaw alignment can help shape your face, reduce snoring, improve your breathing, and prevent ear and sinus issues.


Improved Oral Care

When your teeth are crowded and misaligned, they are more challenging to clean. Parts of the tooth can hide, making regular brushing and flossing nearly impossible.  

When you can't brush your teeth, bacteria grow and can lead to gum disease and further cavities. By straightening crowded teeth, brushing and flossing should be improved naturally.

It turns out that confidence leads to more general life satisfaction. When someone is hiding their smile, they are more likely not to take a risk required to take a job at the highest level or to apply for promotion.


More Confidence after Seeing Your Local Chandler, AZ Dentist

When folks are no longer ashamed by their smile, they naturally think more confidently, which is said to head to increased pleasure, better efficiency, less social anxiety, and in the end, superior health.   

With improved functioning of your smile, better oral hygiene habits, and increased self-confidence, it is evident that the medical benefits of Invisalign are just as significant, if not more important, as a nice-looking smile. 

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