What are the Top Reasons for Toothache in Chandler, AZ?

Nobody likes to have a toothache, yet they arrive as a way for the pain to tell your mouth there is a more significant issue preparing to show itself.

It doesn't matter if you have a Chandler, AZ dental checkup a week or so before. Once it begins aching, there stands a good chance you will be scheduling a follow-up meeting to find out what is causing the issue.

Read on to find some of the common reasons you need to see your Chandler, AZ dental clinic because of your sudden toothache.


Tooth Decay is Number One Dental Issue in Chandler, AZ

This is one of the primary sources of tooth pain. Tooth decay is the result of improper oral care, which leads to the formation of holes in the tooth. If you don't treat it fast, you can lose one or more of your teeth.


Gum Disease is Second on the List of Reasons for a Dental Visit

According to the American Dental Association, the majority of adult Americans are suffering from gum disease.

Because this condition will not cause pain during the early stages, most people will not notice it until it's worsening.

It may be the onset of your toothache, which is a sign that your gum disease is becoming severe, and your family dentist, Chandler, AZ, must acknowledge its existence.


Wisdom Teeth Issues

If the aching stems from the rear of your mouth, then it may be a sign, you have a problem with your wisdom teeth. It can be common for these to be removed in the younger generation, yet problems gradually become worse the older you are. 

Issues can include impacted wisdom teeth, and eruption only occurs part of the way, or your mouth becomes crowded once they have erupted. Most all these cases need a visit to your wisdom teeth extraction specialist Chandler, AZ

Misaligned Bites or Teeth Grinding

Malocclusion is also known as a misaligned or abnormal bite and occurs when upper teeth meet the lower teeth in the wrong way. Your local dentistry specialist can alter this with restorative dentistry surgery or in minor cases by using braces etc.

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) we know as grinding your teeth. It is a bad habit you may not be aware you are doing as many individuals do this during the night.

Over time, it leads to toothaches, and other issues if you find toothache or saw jaws for no reason, be sure to make an appointment with your TMJ dental specialist Chandler, AZ


Solving the Top Toothache Issues in Chandler, AZ

There is nothing worse than a bout of severe toothache, and on many occasions, it can affect the way you conduct yourself or the way you think.

To find the root cause, it is best to contact the clinic of Martin Dental and schedule an appointment.  Alternatively, you can complete the simple form below, and the staff will be in touch as fast as possible.

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