Why Would I Choose Veneers Chandler, AZ?

Veneers are excellent options for you if you wish to restore your natural smile. Veneers are not a solution for everyone who has severe dental problems such as cavities or teeth grinding.

While porcelain veneers are stain-resistant and do a grand job of imitating real teeth, they cost more, but you may find it a worthy expense.

Veneers can help correct other minor dental problems at the hands of your local dentist.

Continue reading below to see how your best dentist Chandler, AZ, can help you get back to a beaming smile with confidence.


What is a Dental Veneer?

Veneers are a thin slithering of material that cover the faces of each tooth. While they don't preserve the tooth, they are fixed to; they help with staining, chips, cracks, or an uneven bite. Thus offering the appearance you want.

While they correct all these issues, they cannot prevent decay if you don't care for the tooth they are stuck to.


Can I Break a Chandler, AZ Veneer

Veneers are not unbreakable, although they are durable. One of the biggest things to be wary of is the original tooth. A veneer can be replaced, yet you will never restore the tooth underneath. If that breaks, you will need an implant to fill the gap.

They will file the original tooth to make it smaller and depending on how much remains will dictate how strong it is.

If you have any foul habits, these can reduce the life of your Chandler, AZ dental veneer. Chewing hard foods, like ice or hard candy, or munching on non-food items.


How Long Will My Chandler, AZ Veneers Last

Now that you know this, you may wonder how long veneers last.  This answer depends on how you take care of them.  What dreadful habits can affect your veneers?  Knowing this may help you extend their wear.

You can choose two veneer types, porcelain Veneers Chandler, AZ are sturdier and can last 10 to 15 years as long as you care for them properly. 

Veneers may also stain, so be aware of exposure to coffee, wine, and tea. This means you will need a regular dental hygiene regimen at home and regular check-ups with your local Chandler, AZ dentist. You need to care for them in the same manner as your real teeth.


Will My Chandler, AZ Best Dentist Offer Veneer Services

Veneers are not maintenance-free, permanent solutions, and you need to treat them like real teeth.

You will find them an excellent investment toward your dental health, so will clean them as instructed, caring for them, and visiting your veneer dental expert in Chandler, AZ, is the best way to make sure they last for years.

You will have your smile with confidence, so to be sure you reach this stage, contact Martin Dental, your dental care expert, or quickly add your details to the form below, and one of the helpful dental staff will be in touch.

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