Will My Chandler, AZ Dentist See Why My Teeth Hurt?



Anyone experiencing a toothache knows, the faster they can alleviate it, the better. The feelings of pain are not typical and can indicate deeper problems that need addressing. If your teeth hurt, it's always a good idea to see your dental professional in Chandler, AZ.

Your local Chandler, AZ family dentist, can conduct a thorough examination and answer the frustrating question you might have, of why your teeth hurt so much?

It can be several reasons why teeth hurt, and here are the most common:


Cavities are the number one reason teeth hurt in Chandler, AZ

Decay in your tooth is the cavity caused by bacteria. It can cause hypersensitivity, which causes toothache. The defects are the easiest to control when they are small and can save the tooth.

Sometimes the cavity may already be filled, but sometimes the filling may fall out or crack. Or it causes bite problems, which leads to pain. A visit to Chandler, AZ family dentist, can determine what to do to eliminate the pain.


Teeth Grinding and Abscess

During the day, you can endure toothache or wake up with a sore jaw, which is a good sign that you are clenching or gnashing your teeth at night.

Your dentist can offer solutions to help save your teeth from excessive wear and severe headaches, teeth, and jaws.

A tooth abscess occurs when the roots of a tooth become infected. It is painful, and only a visit to the dentist can help so that an antibiotic can be given and the tooth treated. Failure to solve this problem can lead to a severe infection.


Injury Needs Restorative Dentistry in Chandler, AZ

Trauma caused by contact sports or an accident, for example, can cause many dental difficulties, such as "bruising" or profound discoloration of the tooth, a broken tooth, or the total loss of one or more teeth.


Temperature Sensitivity and the Best Family Dentist in Chandler, AZ

When the underside of the dentin of the tooth is exposed from cracks in enamel or receding gums. The teeth become sensitive to high or low temperatures.

Whatever the reason, every dentist understands that tooth pain can be unpleasant. Finding the best local dentist to keep you comfortable during treatment, or feel no pain after the procedure, can be more difficult.

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