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Common questions asked about Dental Implants:


Is the procedure painful?

Here at Martin Dental we will do everything we can to make you as comfortable as possible. #smilewithconfidence Depending on what procedure you are having, you can choose to have a variety of pain management options.  Patients have reported that they experienced far less pain than anticipated. 


My teeth are in really bad shape.  Could I still be a candidate for dental implants?  AZ Dental Implants Queen Creek 

Most people can safely receive dental implants.  Age isn’t even a big factor when determining dental implant placement.  Whether it is one tooth or many teeth, dental implants could be the best choice for you.  Here at #martindental we are experienced in treating patients with complex cases.  The best way for you to find out if you are a candidate is to visit us for a consultation. 


I don’t want to share that I have implants.  Will my smile look like I have real teeth?

This is a very normal response. AZ Dental Implants Queen Creek  And believe it or not, dental implants become an integrated part of your mouth.  They adhere to the jawbone just like real teeth would.  You will brush, floss, eat and smile as if you have had these teeth your entire life!  You are able to work with the lab technicians to determine the best shape, color and size of the teeth to help them look as natural as possible. 


Questions are completely normal, and we would love to answer any more that you may have!  Do not hesitate to call us today! 

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