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If you have a parent, spouse or a friend who has a harder time maintaining a healthy mouth on their own, you may be wondering how you can help them.  There are two things to remember: #smilewithconfidence

Taking these steps can help to prevent a lot of problems.  But when it comes to aging, tasks that once seemed fairly simple can seem challenging.  If someone you love is having difficulty brushing or flossing their teeth, make sure you speak to their dentist or hygienist.  They can help with tips or maybe have you take a different approach.  If dentures are worn, pay lost attention to eating habits.  If eating has become difficult or they don’t seem to be eating as much as usual, dentures could possibly be the cause.  AZ San Tan Valley Affordable Dentist Near Me


If a person you are caring for is confined to a bed, often the health problems are overwhelming so this makes it easy to forget about the oral health.  It is still important because bacteria from the mouth can be inhaled into the lungs.  This causes pneumonia. 


Make sure your loved one is getting the proper dental care they need.  Infections can happen so quickly and when they are already elderly, this can get bad for them fast if not taken care of.  Give us a call at #martindental and we would be glad to help you or your loved one with all their dental care needs. 

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