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Pain in the TMJ can sometimes be coming from the teeth themselves, not the TMJ and surrounding ligaments.  Teeth grinding, for an example, is very harmful if the teeth are misaligned.  Certain movements can even cause the teeth to grind against each other, and this creates pain in the joint.  Often work or personal issues that cause stress, can be a source of aggressive jaw activity.  Seeing a general dentist, like us here at #martindental, an orthodontist, or a prosthodontist, is the most qualified to look at your teeth to help determine if this is the cause. AZ San Tan Valley Best Dentist

Clenching the jaw can also cause TMJ pain.  Sometimes people do this behavior while they are asleep at night.  Your dentist can give you a clear/plastic night guard.  It can help to alleviate the symptoms, at least until they can figure out a diagnosis. #smilewithconfidence

Although quite rare, surgery is sometimes required to correct a TMJ problem.  Imaging pictures of the joint may need to be taken to help determine if surgery will need to be a part of TMJ treatment.  This type of procedure is typical just like orthopedic treatment that someone would receive for knee injury.  AZ San Tan Valley Best Dentist

Just like you want to keep your teeth healthy, your TMJ should warrant regular visits to your dentist to help prevent any complications.  If you properly brush and use fluoridated toothpaste it can help reverse any wear to the enamel that has been caused by a TMJ condition. 

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