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Our teeth can sometimes be compared to that of a new car,  when they are new, they are bright and shiny.  But every so often, they need to be fixed and sometimes need replacement parts.  You may lose a tooth and a replacement will be needed.  It is important to know all your options to help get your smile up back again.  Affordable Dentist San Tan Valley AZ

Causes of Tooth Loss  #smilewithconfidence

People can lose teeth all sorts of ways.  At the top of the list are gum disease and tooth decay.  Gum disease happens when excessive plaque builds up on the gumline and causes the gum tissue to become red and swollen.  If gum disease is not treated, bone loss occurs.  When tooth decay happens, food particles are left on the teeth and fuel bacteria in the mouth producing acids.  This damages the enamel and causes cavities.  Either condition can lead to tooth loss if not treated. 

Another common cause for tooth loss is sports injuries.  According to the American Dental Assistants Association, 5 million teeth are lost every year in the Unites States because of sports injuries. 


Ask your dentist for the best option and consider the following treatments:  Affordable Dentist San Tan Valley AZ

  1.  Fixed Bridges

A bridge is a fixed device that will connect a prosthetic tooth to the adjacent existing teeth within the mouth.  Your dentist can help choose the best bridge for you; traditional, cantilever and Maryland. 

  1.  Dental Implants  #martindental

These are titanium fixtures that are surgically placed into the jawbone beneath the gums.  Once the implants are in position and have settled in the jawbone, a dentist will mount the abutment to the fixture and then the prosthesis or crown to the abutment.  This provides a sturdy support, no slipping or shifting.  Affordable Dentist San Tan Valley AZ

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