All on 4 Chandler, AZ Avoid the Aftermath of Missing Teeth

What happens when you have missing teeth

All on 4 Chandler, AZ can help individuals more than they think when they are missing teeth. Many individuals underrate the value of developing good oral health.  It is essential to promote oral health in order to maintain good oral health, from oral care at home to regular visits to your local Chandler, AZ dentist.

People can suffer from periodontal disease, or neglect their teeth. But for nearly everyone, they will find missing teeth at some point in their lives. Without a second thought, there is no consequence of tooth loss. In reality, however, you will find that it weakens the overall structure of your mouth.

If you have missing teeth, keep reading and see how you can avoid these problems and regain your #smilewithconfidence




Bone Weakness Can Lead to All on 4 Chandler, AZ

If a tooth falls out by itself or you pull it out as part of a dental examination at your local Chandler, AZ dental clinic. If the space isn't filled, you may experience bone loss. The jawbone is the one responsible for holding the teeth, and it begins to deteriorate virtually immediately following tooth extraction.

Bone loss will eventually lead to the breakage of underlying cartilage and muscular tissue. This can result in lips and cheeks taking on a sunken look.


Speech and Forming Words Will Change

Since the loss of teeth causes dramatic alterations to the supporting bones in the mouth, this may also adversely affect the integrity of gum tissue. As the teeth loosen and weaken, this will start to impact the way you speak.

Tooth loss may result in slurring and failure to produce some sounds; this will ultimately hurt both your self-confidence and interpersonal relationships. Caring for the mouth, teeth and gums helps prevent such changes from occurring.

Making sure you have a full set of teeth can boost this loss of confidence, and the best way of doing so is to #meetyourdentist and ask about All on 4 Chandler, AZ.


Finding the Right Chandler, AZ Dental Clinic

No matter what your dental issues, you do need a local dental clinic which offers a full range of dental services. This can be easier said than done, especially if you need specialist services like All on 4 Chandler, AZ because you are fed up with having missing teeth, or you are worried on the effects they will have.

To make things straightforward, you can contact your local dentist here, or fill out the simple form below and the #martindental team will get back to you as soon as possible.



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