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The All-on-4 procedure is taking the dental world by storm.  A brand new mouth in a day, what an incredible thing! #smilewithconfidence  So here is how the procedure works!

Before the surgery, you will have 2 dental appointments.  A treatment plan will be developed, x-rays taken, photos, impressions and any other measurements they may need.  A surgery will be scheduled for implantation.  At this surgery, your new teeth will be fitted and adjusted within 24 hours, even if teeth have to be extracted.  And don’t worry, you will be fully sedated during this procedure. 

Check ups will be necessary the first few months, just to ensure replacement teeth are fitting properly.  When you reach the 6-month mark, your gums should be fully healed and the implants infused to the natural bone. All on 4 Chandler AZ

So why should someone choose the all-on-4 implant over traditional dental implants?  All on 4 implants do not require bone grafting and only use 4 implants to support the entire arch of dental restorations.  This isn’t the case for traditional implants.  Often they require up to 8 single implants to support an entire arch of dental restorations.  The implants offer the same durability and support, but all-on-4 will be a much faster treatment time. All on 4 Chandler AZ

Surgery is much quicker and replacement teeth are added the same day as their implant surgery with All-on-4.  Regular eating and chewing functions happen much quicker because there is not waiting weeks in between surgeries. #martindental The cost for traditional implants are typically higher as well, because they require more dental implants and often bone grafting. 

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