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To smile with confidence, it is essential to have a complete set of teeth. Each day, however, countless people are losing teeth for a variety of reasons here are some examples.


  1. Drug use in recreational settings. This causes damage to teeth and gums.
  2. Sports injuries: A blow to the mouth can have drastic consequences
  3. Unhealthy lifestyle: Poor nutrition causes tooth loss
  4. Vehicle collisions:  Unexpected vehicle accidents can damage teeth
  5. Periodontal disease: This makes tooth extraction necessary.


There are several possibilities of tooth replacements, which differ depending on the extent of tooth damage or tooth loss. These need a visit to your local dentist in Tucson, AZ to get the best advice. After a comprehensive examination, he will make his recommendations depending on the extent of the damage in your mouth. The first options can be temporary, while the best option of All on 4 Tucson, AZ is a permanent solution.


Bridges are suitable for a couple of adjoining teeth

Such bridges comprise a plastic and a framework. They sit between two healthy teeth and have individual crowns. The dentist can fix them to the surrounding teeth to maintain them in place. Your local All on 4 Tucson, AZ dentist can provide you with one of several types of dental bridges.


Dentures Offer Short Term Quick Fixes

We have used these for years to replace numerous teeth. As you get partial dentures, you may find that full dentures are used more often. These are made from a mold that is taken out of the mouth, and once they are inserted, they sit on the gums.

Dentures may take a while to get used to after you have been without teeth for a while. They provide a beautiful smile, but many wearers get upset about their use after a long time. They require removal to be cleaned; they slip when speaking and eating, and food can get caught, causing discomfort.


Number One Dental Implants in Tucson, AZ

This dental technology has revolutionized how dentists replace all missing teeth. While you can have an implant for single teeth, these use a full arch much the same as dentures, yet we connect them to the jawbone using four implants.

These deliver the stimulation the jaw needs to prevent bone loss, and they will never slip or cause discomfort while eating.

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