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Why do I Have Bad Breath?

There are many reasons individuals can have bad breath. Your local Dentist San Tan Valley, AZ can advise the most common reasons. There can however be other reasons for this problem than just the foods and drinks you consume.

One of the common reasons is poor dental hygiene such as insufficient brushing. This needs doing twice daily to ensure the thorough cleaning of the mouth.


What Foods cause Bad Breath?

When you consume food, this breaks down, and if not cleaned properly, all foods can lead to bad breath to some degree. However, there are some specific foods which are worse than others.

Garlic, onions and cooking spices can lead to bad breath more than most other foods. This is because they enter the body’s bloodstream, and from there, they make their way to the lungs and thus affect your breath.

Tobacco products are another prime culprit in creating bad breath. In the cases of these, there can be the onset of gum disease which is another source of mouth odor and will stop you being able to #smilewithconfidence.


A San Tan Valley, AZ Dentist Explains Dental Hygiene

Your local dentist in San Tan Valley is the perfect person to give you a thorough dental checkup, and to explain the reasons why you may suffer from bad breath.

Without brushing and flossing daily, food particles become trapped between teeth and down inside the gums. When this happens, you find there is a film of bacteria on the surface of the teeth in the form of plaque.

This plaque if not cleaned will irritate gums and can build up to form hard deposits in and around the teeth. A dentist will use the technical name which is periodontitis. Aside from this, the tongue can trap bacteria.

One area individuals never consider are when dentures are not cleaned, or they don’t fit together correctly. These form areas which are candidates for harboring bacteria and food particles which lead to bad breath.


What is Dry Mouth?

The saliva in your mouth helps to cleanse the mouth and does so by removing some of the minute particles that lead to mouth odors. Individuals may suffer from xerostomia, or more commonly known as dry-mouth.

This happens during the night when you are asleep and is worse if you sleep with your mouth open. The glands that secrete saliva or some other diseases can also cause this.


How Can My Dentist San Tan Valley, AZ Help?

A quick visit to your local qualified dentist can give you a checkup, and if there are signs of plaque buildup, they can easily remove this before cleaning your teeth. From here, the dental surgeon will advise on the best cleaning regimen to follow at home.

If there are other causes for this bad breath, it may require more work depending on the root cause. To find out more you can contact #martindental or fill in the form below for more information.

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