Best Dental Care for Cracked Teeth in Chandler, AZ

For many reasons, it’s possible to have cracked teeth; which is horrible when you experience the agonizing pain of biting into something?

It is close to having sensitive teeth, the reasons for which they occur and the solutions are very different.

Here you can learn more about how it happens and how your local Chandler, AZ dentist may ultimately recommend a dental implant to replace a tooth they need to extract as it can’t be saved.


Tooth fractures, and what makes them painful?

Fractures of the teeth are slight cracks that occur in your tooth. They are a widespread condition and a significant reason for tooth loss.

Some of the various kinds of cracks on your teeth are here.

  1. Fractured cusps arise in and around a tooth filling, and because they do not conflict with the tooth’s nerve, you have minor pain
  2. We can see craze lines as slight cracks that appear in the enamel of your teeth. They are painless or require treatment.
  3. Broken teeth are meaning you have teeth that are broken in two. One that is large, it causes pain and your Chandler, AZ dental specialist, won’t be able to save your tooth.
  4. Once the vertical crack goes from top to bottom of the tooth and runs under the gum, the tooth requires extraction.


Reasons for Teeth Fractures and Chandler, AZ Dental Care

The reasons for all this are many. They present some of the most common ones below, some requiring lengthy treatment, and a local dentist may offer the best dental implant solution for the best dental care.

  • As you get older, your teeth weaken
  • You have an accident while playing sports and they can hit you in the mouth.
  • Chewing on hard objects such as candy or opening bottles of beer with your mouth are two ways to chip your teeth.
  • Major dental fillings may leave your surrounding tooth weaker


The Ultimate Tooth Crack Solution in Chandler, AZ

Should you have a severe injury, or have a mouth full of fillings, or is over fifty years old, then dental implants may be a recommended course or your best dental care.

However, if teeth are singular in damage, your dentist may recommend a single implant or crown, or possibly a bridge to replace the damaged tooth.

He will try to do all he can to save your smile with confidence.

To find out if they are the perfect solution for you and can restore your smile, you can contact Martin Dental and speak to the helpful staff.

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