Best Dental Care in Chandler, AZ for Split Teeth

For many reasons, people receive cracked teeth it’s terrible to experience the excruciating pain you feel when biting on something. This is similar to having sensitive teeth, but the causes and remedies are very different.

You can read further to understand how it happens and why your local dentist may eventually recommend implants as the definitive oral care, Chandler, AZ, as the best solution to your dental problems.


What Makes Tooth Fracture?

The fractures in teeth represent small fissures in the tooth's surface. Their occurrence is widespread and a significant reason for losing teeth.

In the following section, you can see some various types of cracks that can occur in your teeth.

  • Craze lines are the smallest types of cracks, which can appear in your tooth enamel. You will notice no pain or that treatment is required in the early days, yet if they face more wear and tear, there are chances the fissures can grow.
  • A split tooth refers to when you have one tooth, which comprises two pieces. When the two pieces split far enough apart, it can cause pain and your local Chandler; AZ dentist won’t be able to save your teeth.
  • A vertical fracture can run from the tip of your tooth and under the lines of your gums. Here, it is an extraction job as there is no way to save the tooth.


Teeth Fractures & Why You Need Chandler, AZ Dental Care

For many reasons, you can find yourself with a cracked or chipped tooth.

These include some more common ones; some, which require extensive treatment, and possibly your local dentist, may have the best dental implant solution for the best dental care.


  • When you have an accident while exercising, you may receive a smack on the mouth. The teeth, which are not lost frequently, resulting in cracks or fissures.
  • Chewing on hard objects such as candy or cracking open a beer bottle with the teeth are two ways to break them
  • Extensive fillings may leave surrounding teeth weaker.
  • As we get older, our teeth weaken.


Tooth Crack Remedies with Chandler, AZ Dental Specialist

If you have had a severe accident, have a mouth full of large accumulated fillings, or are over the age of fifty, then the recommended course of treatment may be dental implants for your best dental care.

The reason being, if you have more than a few teeth affected or prone to other dental problems. These innovative dental implants are the best way to solve everything at once.

To find out if these are the perfect solution with you and can restore your smile, you can contact Martin Dental, your best family dentist.

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