Best Dentist for All on 4 Implants Queen Creek AZ


A great number of people are not fans of their removable dentures.  They struggle with the maintenance, slipping, and food restrictions.  They want to eat again without trouble!  Having lower dentures seems to be even more challenging than upper dentures.  Your jawbone gradually changes shape, becoming flatter and once the teeth have been extracted, the bone is no longer stimulated, and this leads to bone loss.  Best Dentist for All on 4 Implants Queen Creek AZ


Dental implants offer a reliable solution to many problems that people face.  If you are looking for a full arch set of teeth, you are looking to have around 6 to 8 implants placed to support it.  This can cost up to $40,000.  It takes A LOT of time and some pain! #smilewithconfidence


Instead of going down that route, modern implant dentistry has the solution you are looking for:  the All on 4 Dental Implants.  Best Dentist for All on 4 Implants Queen Creek AZ


This technique was developed by a Portuguese dentist and the method has revolutionized tooth replacement.  All on 4 implants are much more affordable and time saving.  The All on 4 Implant uses just 4 precisely placed dental implants!  Four for the top and four for the bottom. 


To support a full arch, the 4 implants must be placed very precisely.  Two implants are placed where the incisors usually are and the other two will be placed beside them but tilting away from the front.  In doing this, you get the best support for the replacement teeth! #martindental


All on 4 isn’t an option for everyone, but it is a great option for those who are missing a large number of teeth on the upper jaw or lower jaw.  Its something to consider and investigate for yourself! 

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