Best Dentist for All on 4 Implants San Tan Valley AZ

The cost of All on 4 Dental Implants will vary.  The cost is probably one of the biggest sticking points for anyone who is needing this type of dental care.  Here is a bit of information, based on real life procedures.  #smilewithconfidence


The amount of dental implants for All on 4 is much smaller than the traditional route.  Just to remind you, a full arch with 6 implants can cost anywhere from $17000 to $40000.  So with using fewer implants, you know that the all-on-4 dental implant cost will be significantly lower than with traditional. Best Dentist for All on 4 Implants San Tan Valley AZ


In the United States, an upper or lower arch using the All-on-4 system will generally cost anywhere from $7000 to $24000. The $7000 is the lower end, average is around $17000 and the Upper end is right around $24000.  Why the wide price range?


There are a few reasons:

In some cases, cost may be alleviated by dental insurance.  Most companies will not cover all of it but will cover a small fee.  Yes there is major health benefits, but it is still classified as a cosmetic procedure. 


Nothing in life that is worth having comes free or even cheap!  You need to be careful of any dentist that is offering a huge discount.  It could be experience or the quality of material they are using. 


Here at #martindental, our starting cost for All on 4 Implants starts at $14995.  Call us today! 

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