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So, you may have lost a tooth, or perhaps several.  It can make chewing and smiling harder or uncomfortable. 

The quality of life will change; however, a dental implant solves to renew a smile, chewing ability, and quality of life!

A lack of teeth can negatively affect your confidence and life. Here you can learn more about Tucson, AZ dental implants from a local implant specialist can help you.



Tucson, AZ Implant Specialist

After the natural tooth root structure disappears, the jawbone may shrink and cause your face to look older.

There are no loose parts! An implant is both stable and comfortable. In most cases, this will last a lifetime. They look and feel like natural teeth. They can help you eat, bite, smile, talk, and also appear entirely natural.

This feature enhances social, psychological, and physical well-being.

 When both the tooth and the root are damaged, the best permanent replacement is a dental implant along with a ceramic crown.



What is a Dental Implant?

They anchor a titanium screw in the jawbone and serves as a substitute for missing the lost natural tooth root.

Best Tucson, AZ Dentist for Dental Implants, will use the titanium and fuse it into the bone, which allows the dental implant to stabilize the bone by avoiding bone loss and preserving its shape and density.

This is an anchor to the replacement tooth.  It can be surgically inserted in the lower or upper jaw 

They can insert an implant with a single replacement, or it can replace several missing teeth.  They are not removable, which is a tremendous advantage. If a person is used to having removable dentures or bridges, having an implant will significantly improve their ability to chew food and implant treatment comfortably. 


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