CT Scans for All on 4 Dental Implants Gilbert, AZ


If you have been thinking about getting All on 4 Dental Implants Gilbert, AZ. Your dentist may say you look like a suitable candidate. Once he comes up with this conclusion, there are some things which will be required as part of the process. One of which being a CT scan. There will also be x-rays, and maybe several of these to make sure the jaw is suitable to support your new dental implants.

Most dentists will require a CT for all dental implants, but with all on 4  implants, this can be even more crucial to make sure the local dentist isn’t heading in a direction which can lead to pain for the patient.

If you are at this stage, here is some more info on going through with this procedure.

Why a Gilbert, AZ Dentist do a CT Scan?

Dental cone beam computed tomography (CT) is a special x-ray which produces 3-D images.

There are some concerns from a handful of physicians about these tests and continual expose of radiation to one part of the body. While you may have dental  x-rays, these in most cases are at most once per year. To top this, they are on a focused area, and won’t expose other parts of the body to unnecessary radiation

Panoramic x-rays take images of the entire jaw. Unless your dentist in Gilbert, AZ finds you have oral health issues, they will limit the number of times you receive panoramic x-rays. Adding to this, they only use the lowest amount of power to produce an image.

Unfortunately, these panoramic x-rays come with limitations as even these are not 3-D images



Reasons All on 4 Dental Implants Gilbert, AZ need CT Scans?

Here are the main reasons dentists will perform CT scans for this kind of dental implant.

  • Your dentist needs to measure bone density. The jawbone will naturally diminish when teeth are missing. If there is significant bone loss, these scans help determine the prime locations for the implant insertion.
  • Dentists must know if you require bone augmentation. If for any reason, you lack bone density, you may require grafting to build the areas where bone is lacking. CT scans help local Gilbert, AZ dentists determine which options are best suited for each patient.
  • Dentists obtain precise measurements of the mouth of all the areas which can’t be seen from the outside. This allows them to see any obstructions and decide on the perfect placement of the implants.


Checking with your local Gilbert, AZ Dentist

When you meet your dentist you can ask him all the questions you need to ask. He will be sure to answer honestly. All on 4 Dental Implants Gilbert, AZ are a major undertaking, and his reputation is at stake by being a specialist in this field.

To be sure you have the right dentist in place for this procedure, you can contact the local Gilbert, AZ dental clinic, or you can complete the form below, and one of the staff will get back to you in the shortest possible time.

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