Can My Chandler Family Dentist Stop Sensitive Teeth?



The noises you make when your teeth feel hot or cold drinks. You may wonder why this happens?

Dentin, the substance under your gums and tooth enamel, has been revealed. Now you suffer from the acute, stabbing pain that comes with sensitive teeth, so how did you get it?

Here you can find out more about sensitive teeth and how you can see your local family dentist in Chandler to help resolve the issue.


Tooth-whitening Toothpaste isn’t as Good as Your Dentist

Tooth whitening toothpaste contains chemicals, and overuse of these products can cause tooth sensitivity.

Not everyone is affected because some people’s teeth will be more sensitive than others will with the chemicals in the whitening toothpaste. Therefore, if you are sensitive to whitening toothpaste, you will need to switch brands or ask your dentist, which is best for you.


Ask Your Dentist which is the Best Mouthwash

The primary ingredient in mouthwashes is alcohol mixed with other chemicals that are not beneficial for your teeth. The substances in mouthwash can cause your teeth to feel sensitive, particularly when the dentin is exposed. Instead, purchase a neutral fluoride solution or, preferably, follow the routine of regular brushing and flossing.


Gum Disease Can lead to Sensitivity

Your gums gradually recede, as you get older, which is very common but can cause tooth sensitivity. If you have not cared for your teeth as you thought you did, you may find gum disease and tooth sensitivity waiting to strike.

You may wish to visit Chandler, AZ dental clinic to treat not only dental sensitivity but also gingival disease.


Excessive Plaque Hurts Teeth

Failure to brush or floss frequently endangers your dental health. There is a lot of plaque forming in your teeth, which causes your enamel to deteriorate.

When you lose enamel protection, your immediate concern is tooth sensitivity. Visit your regular dentist as part of your routine and do so every six months.


Infection or Cracked Teeth

Sometimes, your teeth can be sensitive following a dental procedure such as a filling, which is normal.

However, when the sensitivity persists, you will need to see your Chandler dentist again because you could have an infection, which requires treatment. If the teeth chip or crack, you can expect some tooth sensitivity.

You may need to have it extracted or a cap put on it. The dentist can tell you the best solution for your chipped or broken tooth.


Stopping Tooth Sensitivity with Chandler, AZ Family Dentist

Are any of the above issues the cause of your tooth sensitivity? If you cannot identify your issue, you will need to arrange an appointment with Martin Dental so we can have our dentists look at your problem and sort it out.

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