Can a Chandler, AZ Dentist Dispel Implant Myths?

You can see and hear many myths about dental implants. Although this is one of the most successful dental treatments, many people hesitate to use them because of what they have heard about dental implants.

If you believe that implants can relieve pain and benefit your overall health, then if you don't get dental implants, if they are the best option, you're hurting yourself. At Martin Dental, we understand their benefits.

You should not trust advertising but listen to facts. Read on to find the most common misconceptions about all dental implants.


Chandler, AZ Dentists Hurt?

People frequently feel very hesitant about having implants since they think it will be a painful process.

In truth, getting implants is painless. You get an anesthetic to feel nothing. During recovery, you may experience some pain and discomfort, but it is mild and no worse than any other dental procedure.

For the record, the purpose of dental implants is to help relieve pain and poor oral health, not to inflict pain.


Dental Implants are Not Effective

There are several options for replacing teeth to choose from, but none of them is as durable and practical as dental implants.

Dental implants, provided they are adequately cared for compared to other implants, are 95% effective. They also make tooth replacement more realistic. Bridges and crowns can be broken and eventually need replacing. It is almost impossible to distinguish between implants and natural teeth.


Implants Cause Headaches

One common myth about dental implants is how titanium in an implant causes migraines or headaches. There is no evidence to support this concept.

From time to time after dental implantation, headaches, Chandler, AZ can occur if nerves or sinus cavity damage has occurred.

Mismatched bites can cause these headaches. Your best dental implant specialist will make sure that nothing happens.


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