Chandler, AZ Dentist Near Me Fixes Tooth Cracks

One of the worst pains you can encounter with your teeth is cracks. You can get cracked or fractured teeth for many reasons. It is an agonizing pain, and worse biting onto something. While it is like having sensitive teeth, the reasons for it happening and solutions in rectifying it are very different.

Here you can learn how tooth cracks occur, and why your local dentist near me may end up recommending dental implants, Chandler, AZ as the best solution to your dental problems.


What is a tooth fracture?

Hairline fractures are slight cracks in the tooth. They are common occurrences and are a significant cause of tooth loss. You can see several various crack types that can appear in the teeth.

  • Fractured cusps occur around a filling. As they don’t reach the nerve, you don’t tend to feel pain.
  • Craze lines are tiny cracks, which show in the tooth enamel. You also find these don’t cause pain or any instant treatment is needed
  • Split teeth are divided into pieces and mainly means you have a tooth in two. When it is big, it causes pain, and there is no way to save the tooth.
  • Vertical cracks run top to bottom of the tooth. If it passes the gum line, then the tooth will require extraction


Why I Get Cracks in Teeth

There are many reasons why this happens, so here are several, which are more common, some that require concentrated treatment, and your local dentist near me Chandler, AZ can provide the best solution for single or multiple dental implants

  • Accidents occur when playing sports or at work where you can receive a blow to the mouth. Teeth which are not lost often end up cracked or split
  • Biting onto hard objects like candy or opening a cap on a bottle are two ways you can break your teeth
  • Large dental fillings can weaken the remaining tooth, and in the end, it cracks
  • Age makes teeth weaker. Most cracks happen to individuals aged 50 and over


The Ultimate Tooth Crack Solution Specialist in Chandler, AZ

In the event of a severe accident, the accumulation of large fillings in the oral cavity, or the age of over 50 years, dental implants may be recommended by the local dentist near me, Chandler, AZ.


The reason for this is that the patient has more than a few teeth that are affected or prone to other dental problems. Dental implants can solve many problems at once.

To find out if these are the perfect solution with you and can restore your #smilewithconfidence, you can contact Martin Dental direct or fill in the form, and one of the staff will get back in touch at the earliest possible time.

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