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Dental bonding technology is an extremely popular technique in cosmetic dentistry for repairing teeth and restoring their looks. This technique uses composite resins to reconstruct or model the shape of the tooth.

The use of composite resin is preferable because it quickly bonds with the enamel. The resin is very malleable, so your dentist can adjust it as needed before exposing it to a hardening light, which makes it sturdy and durable.

Composite resins can also be matched to your tooth color, making it the most popular restoration method for teeth.

If you are among those who do not know how dental bonding can help you, you can learn how your dental specialist, Chandler, AZ, can help you.


Physical Trauma Fixed by Dental Care Chandler, AZ

Damage such as splintering and breaks can occur as the result of a heavy fall, a bike accident, or sometimes an automobile accident.

Cracks and fractures can also occur because of chewing on hard objects, grating teeth or contact sports injuries.

Broken or chipped teeth adversely affect the appearance of your teeth and negatively affect your dental health. The split tooth is not as functional and is exposed to further damage.

Luckily, tooth bonding can contribute to hide the cracks, build up your tooth, and improve your smile with confidence.


Chandler, AZ Dental Care Expert fixes Gaps

Gaps in between your teeth may cause your teeth to appear crooked, askew, asymmetrical, or misshapen. Your local dentist may use bonding material to bridge gaps between your teeth or narrow gaps between your teeth.

The dentist may also use it to repair a tooth that is out of proportion or misaligned. The bonding material is placed on the tooth after the remodeling process to align it with the remaining teeth.


Dental Bonding Chandler, AZ


A slight preparation before bonding is necessary. The dentist may not have to use anesthesia except if your tooth has a cavity. To help the dental professional choose the shade of the composite resin to match the tone of the tooth, a shade guide is provided.


Your dentist will roughen the surface of the tooth and applies a liquid conditioning agent. This makes the bonding material adhere to your tooth. The tooth-colored compound will then be used, formed and shaped to the desired design.

Ultraviolet light or laser are used to cure the composite. Afterwards, the dentist will trim, form and buff the material to match the shine of the rest of your teeth. This entire process usually takes between 30 minutes to one hour per tooth.


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