Dental Care Specialists Chandler, AZ Focus on Gum Disease

The very best opportunity to overcome gum disease is through early detection and treatment.

Although you may hear about gum disease during a visit to the dentist, it's not spoken of like many other dental problems.

Gum disease concerns the more significant part of the adult population, and as a chronic disease, it's mostly incurable when it occurs and continues to worsen until you stop it.

Your local dental care specialist Chandler, AZ, Dr. Brett Martin, helps protect your smile with confidence by investigating the corrosive effects of gum disease and how to stop and treat it.


Dental Care Chandler, AZ Sees Gum Disease as a Major Threat

The destructive effects of gum disease start with an extreme build-up of bacteria. In every instance, a healthy human mouth comprises about six hundred distinct types of bacteria, which come together and form a viscous film we know as plaque.

Among such germs are the ones known to dental care professionals. Porphyromonas gingivalis shirks the attempts of the immune system to demolish it, and an inflammatory condition quickly appears in the gingival tissue.

With bleeding often accompanying this, you can notice the separation of your gums from the teeth. This is a sign of the early stages of gum disease.


Chandler, AZ Dental Care Acts Quick to Reverse This Disease

Once the most recent phase of gum infection, called gingivitis, starts, there is a small window of opportunity for you to challenge the disease with periodontal therapy and enhanced hygienic routines. 

When the window closes, your path may change, but the preferred solution is to deal with the condition before there is enormous suffering for your teeth and gums. 

The treatment of gum disease depends on the severity of the situation. Still, you can avoid gum disease, or deal with it if you've already struck it, by rigorously following a healthy hygiene routine and schedule of dental checks and cleaning, as Dr. Brett Martin suggests.


Finding Gum Disease Dental Care Chandler, AZ Specialist

It is no fun for any individual to suffer from gum disease. It doesn't just offer the chance of pain, but it can severely knock anyone's confidence.

With this, you can quickly lose your confident smile, so you must keep up with your regular dental checkups. If you think you may have an issue with gum disease, you can contact the professional dental team at Martin Dental directly.

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