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Dentures can offer dental patients a strong row of full teeth that help chew foods and all the time, offering a smile with confidence. Dentures are also a durable solution for facial support in the areas of muscles, thus improving speech. Martin Dental the best Chandler, AZ dentists and the right tools and experience to deliver a fresh smile.

Here you can learn about caring for your new dentures to get the best from them over the coming years.


How a Local Chandler, AZ Dentist Says How to Clean Dentures

Avoid bacterial buildup on your dentures and staining by cleaning them daily and soaking them each night. Here are the steps for proper dental care of your dentures:

  • Brush daily using a bristle brush with denture-specific toothpaste
  • Rinse under clean water twice per day as a minimum

Dentures can have plaque and tartar buildup like real teeth. Besides, they are prone to breaks and staining. Practice safe dental habits when dealing with your dentures as they can break when dropped.


Denture Tips from Chandler, AZ Dental Expert

You need to adjust: If you’re a new denture wearer, be sure to eat soft foods and avoid foods that have extreme temperatures as you become accustomed to the false teeth.

  • Chew carefully: It can be tempting to think dentures are like natural teeth. Take it easy when chewing and chew on both sides to stabilize your dentures. Rather than taking big bites, cut foods into smaller pieces.
  • Eat soft foods: Foods like candy and peanut butter can stick underneath your dentures.
  • Swap foods with small hard bits with fruits and vegetables. Swap red meats with poultry or fish.


Maintaining Dentures for Extended Use in Chandler, AZ

We may take several steps to extend the lifespan of your dentures. Occasionally, you will need to visit your local denture specialist to replace your set.

Even as you do your part in cleaning and caring for your dentures, they may require some dental assistance to assure optimal comfort and functionality. Overly tight and loose dentures can irritate your gums and mouth and cause sores.

To find out if they are the perfect solution for you and can restore your smile with confidence, you can contact Martin Dental and speak to the helpful staff.

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