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Women have significant decisions in life to make; having children is often the most significant. If she is on birth control, then it will mean stopping this at some stage.

Besides, with birth control methods, we often choose them for a few reasons, convenience, cost, and side effects are the most common. One that is often overlooked is the relationship between birth control and dental health, or if there is any link at all.

Here you can learn more about these two, and see if there is any correlation or link. Either way, you will need to see your Chandler, dentist if you are on birth control, or what you can do in the dentist while pregnant.


Do Changes in Hormones Influence Dental Health?

There are phases of life when women have to be more aware of their oral health, including puberty, PMS, pregnancy and menopause. 

Because of significant changes in estrogen and progesterone levels in your system, women may develop the symptoms of gum disease, like swollen or bleeding gums. 

The inflammation that is associated with gum disease can extend past the health of a woman’s smile as they associate gum disease with increased risks of heart disease, strokes, and diabetes, Alzheimer’s, certain cancers and many more.


Hormones, Dental Health and Birth Control

Since many forms of contraception incorporate hormones, during the first month following ingestion of a birth control pill, the effect on the body is most profound. When hormones are fluctuating significantly, certain women experience some symptoms of gum disease.

However, there is good news: not all contraception is created equal, and new pills now have lower estrogen and progesterone levels than before, so that the effect of the hormones upon dental health is not as profound. But women who are already suffering from gingivitis or early stages of gum disease have a higher risk of having their disease progress when they are using a hormone-based method of contraception.


Other Factors to Consider With Dental Care in Chandler


  • Smoking behavior is related to women who smoke and those who use contraception. Smoking puts women at greater risk for several problems, including blood clotting after a wisdom tooth extraction.
  • Some medications are less effective or may interact to birth control, therefore be sure to share all information about medicines with your Chandler dentist.
  • The time that a woman is using hormonal contraception will also increase her risk of gum disease.


Ask Your Chandler, AZ Dentist His Opinion

Any dentist will tell you it is always best to be careful when pregnant or if taking any birth control. There are, however, some treatments you can go through in both scenarios that won’t affect yourself or your unborn baby.

A professional dentist will deliver the best advice, so if you are in this situation, contact the Martin Dental Clinic today and save your tooth, or fill in the quick form for a fast response from one of the team.

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